Please go away sickness!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

It really never fails the kids get back to school and everything is going well. Then all of the sudden they bring home something gross! I've been sick for 5 days now. Both boys are sick and so is *L. So I have a sick infant, a sick 12 year old and a sick 8 year old. Lucky me. * LIL-A is the worst right now. The coughs are awful. So it's a day of layin around for them.
Making a pot roast in the crock pot for sinner tonight. My Mama is coming over to eat with us (she's sick too). I think I'm going to make up some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for desert. Working on getting my kitchen cleaned this morning. I just need to sweep and mop the floor now. Already got dishes and the counters all washed up. Just in time to dirty more of course LOL
Hoping my babies feel better soon!

Quick n easy Thursday night dinner.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yes, I do know it's Friday night but this is a super yummy meal I made last night but I didn't have the time to post LOL
TheADDHousewife is unfortunatly sick and I am really hoping this isn't going to continue threw the whole cold n flu season. Last year was bad enough!
So I was looking around the kitchen because I had napped yesterday I didn't pull anything out of the freezer. Go figuer!
So in my search I found some frozen chicken breast hmmm what could I do with these... well it came to me! =)
EASY Mama Pull-Chicken!
4 chicken breasts (I used the frozen ones)
1/2c B-B-Q sauce
+/- 1c water You want it to just cover the chicken, so it depends on how thick they are.
sm onion diced

In cooking pot add b-b-q sauce and water. Stir to combine well. Add in onion & chicken.
Bring to a boil. Cover & reduce heat to simmer. When chicken in no longer pink remove from sauce.
Shread chicken and return to pot. Heat to boiling stiring constantly untill sauce thickens to desired
Serve alone or on rolls.
I served mine by itself with french fries and green beans. The kids ate it right up. A little note though take the chicken all out of the pot and rince it as soon as your done cooking. I left mine sit just while I ate and it took quite a bit to get it off the pan LOL
On the agenda for tonight... I'm still sick thankfully it's movie & a pizza Friday =)
Hoping your weekend is wonderful!

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Friday is movie & a pizza night =) With a side of a special surprise!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What could make our Friday night movie & a pizza better... I'm glad you asked!
Barbie and MomsSelect asked me to preview *Barbie A Fashion Fairytale* and let everyone know what I thought about the movie.

Well I told *A. I had a surprise for the movie. She was very excited so I pulled the movie out of the package to show her. The excitement in her eyes was unreal! She jumped up and down she just couldn't wait to put it in the DVD player. I really like how they have the play Barbies and reading books ect. that go along with them movie! I'm thinking Christmas presents =) Check out all they have to offer at !!!

In this movie Barbie has another special job to do. She and her adorable dog Sequin are off to Paris! Her job help save her Aunt's fashion house. With the help of a few little freinds they set off in another adventure! ...

What did my girls have to say.. Well *A. just loved the movie she actually sat threw the whole thing without getting up once! *L. even though a bit old for Barbie said she enjoyed the movie as well. So far they have watched the movie 4 times =) Definatly a hit in our house!

Well what do I have to say about it you ask... I have to say this is one of the best Barbie movies we've watched! Honestly the story line it's great! I highly reccomend everyone with a little girl run out and grab your copy of this movie! In stores September 14th 2010!!! I can't wait to see what Barbie comes out with next =)

Do Ken and Barbie break up?? I guess your gonna have to get the movie to find out...


The smell of Fall is in the air! & The ADD Housewife is on the lookout for crockpot recipies =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I can't tell you how much I love fall! The cooler weather, the pumpkins the apple pie! Oooooo it's wonderful!! I love baking so this time of year inspires me to make lots of goodies. Especially the ones that warm the house and make it smell amazing. Who can say they don't like the smell of homemake pie perminating from the kitchen. Just makes everything seem more homey. When Hunnie and I were grocery shopping Friday morning I saw all the sugar pumpkins waitting on the shelves for someone to make them into something special. I can not wait!! I need to stock up my baking cupboard though so I can make all those yummies! Unfortunatly it wasn't in the budget this week =( But next week. Ohhhh yeah baby! there will be a pie baking in my oven!
I also want to pick up a couple baskets of mums for the front garden! That should make it look quite nice I think. Maybe a small bail of hay too =)
I'm also wanting to so some more crockpot cookin! We're getting sick of the same old thing. I'm always cooking stews. Hunnie isn't too thrilled about stew but he eats it and say's they're always good. So if anyone out there has an amazing crockpot cookin recipe please let me know. I'd love to try them out! Hunnie and the kids are more than willing to try diffrent things =)
This weekend I went threw all of our linens. Does one really need 5 or 6 sets of sheets for each bed, no I don't think so! So they are bagged up and will be off to the donation bin =) I know someone out there can use them better than I was. Slow but steady I will be getting rid of all the unnessasary 'stuff' in this house!
The ADD Housewife is off to make pancakes for school morning breakfast and cookie for tonight. I hope your weekend was lovley =)
~The ADD Housewife~

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Electrolux & Kelly Ripa... Rumpled to Runway!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please tell me how much more amazing this could be! Electrolux and Kelly Ripa... Enough said... Nope! It's all for a great cause! September is Oviarian Cancer Awairness Month. Electrolux and Kelly are hosting a special fashion show to help raise awareness and funds to support ovarian cancer research. ~Rumpled to Runway~. *Please add fashion!* What could be better than that?! Any chance I get to raise awairness for a good cause I'm there!
Also Electrolux will enter any bloggers out there who spread the word about this great cause a chance to win an Elextrolux Perfect Steam washer & dryer!
For more information on this please visit Kelly Confidential at
When you participate, Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Your awsome Electrolux!! You can have fun and donate to research at the same time! Check out the link whatcha waitting for??
~The ADD Housewife~

~The ADD Housewife is BACK & better than ever... now with time! =)

I know, I haven't posted in umm a year or so now =( I'm a bad blogger!! Honestly life took the front burner to anything I was doing online. As previously posted I was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy, happy baby boy we will call him Lil A! He's a dream such a good baby. So now The ADD Housewife is the Mama of 4 =) Life is busy, crazy and utterly amazing!
School has started once again and this year L- is in 7th grade, C- is in 3rd grade and A is in 1st. Seems like just yesterday they were born. Time does fly! Everyone is starting to settle in for another fun packed year of learning or as they refer to it 'School again!?!' LOL Silly kiddos if they only knew how good they have it.
I will be having alot more time for my blogging and crafts now that the 3 older kids are in school full day. My hope it to build my blog up and give my readers something intresting to read =) I really hope I can accomplish this task. I'd love for my blog to be sucessful.
Latley I've been thinking about what winter crafts I'd like to do this year. My thoughts keep wondering to felt play food. I made the kids a bunch of it a couple years ago and it was really fun! I liked how everything came out. To this day it's one of the kids favorite things to play with. I'd like to read a book or 2 over the cold months as well. I have a good freind who keeps talking to me about 'me time'. Honestly as long as I've had children I haven't had much of that especially as of late. I do admit it would be nice to have nothing to do but relax, sit back with a book and a hot cup of tea. Sounds good doesn't it... then my bubble is popped by the unmistakable sound of screaming, fighting children or a crying baby. I wouldn't change it for the world =)
I have some really neat ideas to put into my blog. I have been reading other blogs while I've been away. Taking in ideas then peicing them together in a way that apeals to me and hopfully my readers! I've been almost daily checking in over at Sandra is an amazing blogger and a darn good cook too. Her recipies are amazing and the ones I haven't tried oh yes I will be trying! Made some good use of some veggies I planted this year. Next year I'm hoping to have alot more though. =) I can't wait!!
I think I'll end here. I don't want to tell you everything that's going to be happening over here on The ADD Housewife. Don't you just love the suspence ;) I will say it might not be dialy that a new post will be available but my goal is to have something new to read at least 3-4 times a week!
Untill next time =)
~The AD Housewife~

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1st day of school!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well today was the first day of school for my kiddo's.
L- got up super early, bright eyed and bushy tailed LOL. She was excited to start her 6th grade year. Only issue I had getting her ready was she wanted to wear pink leggings with a purple flower print shirt LOL I got her to change her mind pretty quickly when I found her new light pink long flowered shirt. She's been dieing to wear her new school sneakers and finally got to 'try them out'. She had me up at the bus stop about 10 minutes before the bus was due to arrive. That wasn't a big deal though she got to talk ot a couple of her freinds.
C- was the next one to go off. He got up when L- did so needless to say he was ready for school an hour and a half before he needed to be. He got some time to watch some cartoons before going off to begin his second grade year. He also was up at the bus stop early to chat with freind before the bus pulled up. I'm so glad my brother is their bus driver it makes it alot easyer on everyone LOL C- left this year with no tears at the bus stop which made me feel alot better about the day.
A- is in afternoon kindergarden so she goes in after lunch time. She was super eacited all day (well except for the time she was asleep on my bed because she got up too early LOL). She came with me around 11:00 to pick up Hunnie's mom. She wanted to go with us to bring A- to her first day of school ever! We got home had lunch got cleaned up and did A's- hair. She ran to the van and hopped in. We drove down to the school and when I went to get her out to go in she said she was tired LOL Very quietly we walked up the sidewalk to the door. A- hesitated at the door. We walked in and found her name on her hook she took off her hoodie and put it inside her backpack. As soon as we started walking towards the door to her classroom she completly lost it. Honestly I wasn't expecting that I knew she would be shy and quiet, probably wouldn't speek to anyone but I wasn't expecting the crying and clinging at all. She had been SO excited about school for months and now this... I didn't know what to do. I tried talking to her, Daddy tried talking to her, Grammy tried, Uncle tried, even C's- teacher tried and she wouldn't have any of it. I had to carry her into the class room and place her into a chair. I can't even tell you how glad I am that I've known these teachers since L- was in school because honestly she was the hardest to leave there. The teacher's helper sat right with A- and was trying to get her to color a picture. From what C- said when he got home A's- teacher called him into the classroom to talk to A- and calm her down. C- said she was better when he left her. That made me feel a million times better that they thought to bring him in to talk to her. They even let him leave his classroom early to help A- get ready to go home on the bus! :)
L- was the first to arive home with tons to tell us about her first day of Middle School! She really enjoyed her day and coulsn't believe all the things they had for lunch LOL She has tomorrow off from school so the 7th & 8th graders can have their first day. Then on Friday everyone goes together. Can't wait to hear what she has to say about that LOL
C- & A- aroived home on 'uncle's bus' soon after and the were sitting right in the first seat waving away to me while I waitted for them to get off the bus. Of course they ran to me for big hugs and didn't stop talking about their day! I'm glad A- was able to calm down she even said she made 2 new freinds :) C- really didn't say too much about his day except he liked the pizza they had for lunch and he is glad that when we drop A- off at school we are able to see him for a minute or two while he's on lunch recess.
We shall see what tomorrow bring us. A- said she is never going back to school again and C- said he doesn't have anything 'cool' to wear (even though he just got a bunch of 'cool clothes' LOL It's nice that Hunnie has taken a little mini vacation these first couple days of school. Makes it alot easyer on me. By next week they should all be starting to get into the grove of things... I hope!
Well I should be getting myself to bed it's late and the alarm clock goes off pertty early now LOL Hope all is well with all of you :)


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