1st day of school!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well today was the first day of school for my kiddo's.
L- got up super early, bright eyed and bushy tailed LOL. She was excited to start her 6th grade year. Only issue I had getting her ready was she wanted to wear pink leggings with a purple flower print shirt LOL I got her to change her mind pretty quickly when I found her new light pink long flowered shirt. She's been dieing to wear her new school sneakers and finally got to 'try them out'. She had me up at the bus stop about 10 minutes before the bus was due to arrive. That wasn't a big deal though she got to talk ot a couple of her freinds.
C- was the next one to go off. He got up when L- did so needless to say he was ready for school an hour and a half before he needed to be. He got some time to watch some cartoons before going off to begin his second grade year. He also was up at the bus stop early to chat with freind before the bus pulled up. I'm so glad my brother is their bus driver it makes it alot easyer on everyone LOL C- left this year with no tears at the bus stop which made me feel alot better about the day.
A- is in afternoon kindergarden so she goes in after lunch time. She was super eacited all day (well except for the time she was asleep on my bed because she got up too early LOL). She came with me around 11:00 to pick up Hunnie's mom. She wanted to go with us to bring A- to her first day of school ever! We got home had lunch got cleaned up and did A's- hair. She ran to the van and hopped in. We drove down to the school and when I went to get her out to go in she said she was tired LOL Very quietly we walked up the sidewalk to the door. A- hesitated at the door. We walked in and found her name on her hook she took off her hoodie and put it inside her backpack. As soon as we started walking towards the door to her classroom she completly lost it. Honestly I wasn't expecting that I knew she would be shy and quiet, probably wouldn't speek to anyone but I wasn't expecting the crying and clinging at all. She had been SO excited about school for months and now this... I didn't know what to do. I tried talking to her, Daddy tried talking to her, Grammy tried, Uncle tried, even C's- teacher tried and she wouldn't have any of it. I had to carry her into the class room and place her into a chair. I can't even tell you how glad I am that I've known these teachers since L- was in school because honestly she was the hardest to leave there. The teacher's helper sat right with A- and was trying to get her to color a picture. From what C- said when he got home A's- teacher called him into the classroom to talk to A- and calm her down. C- said she was better when he left her. That made me feel a million times better that they thought to bring him in to talk to her. They even let him leave his classroom early to help A- get ready to go home on the bus! :)
L- was the first to arive home with tons to tell us about her first day of Middle School! She really enjoyed her day and coulsn't believe all the things they had for lunch LOL She has tomorrow off from school so the 7th & 8th graders can have their first day. Then on Friday everyone goes together. Can't wait to hear what she has to say about that LOL
C- & A- aroived home on 'uncle's bus' soon after and the were sitting right in the first seat waving away to me while I waitted for them to get off the bus. Of course they ran to me for big hugs and didn't stop talking about their day! I'm glad A- was able to calm down she even said she made 2 new freinds :) C- really didn't say too much about his day except he liked the pizza they had for lunch and he is glad that when we drop A- off at school we are able to see him for a minute or two while he's on lunch recess.
We shall see what tomorrow bring us. A- said she is never going back to school again and C- said he doesn't have anything 'cool' to wear (even though he just got a bunch of 'cool clothes' LOL It's nice that Hunnie has taken a little mini vacation these first couple days of school. Makes it alot easyer on me. By next week they should all be starting to get into the grove of things... I hope!
Well I should be getting myself to bed it's late and the alarm clock goes off pertty early now LOL Hope all is well with all of you :)


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Nicolasa said...

Wow, sounds like quite the day! I am a 4th grade teacher in NH and we had quite the interesting beginning of the year as well!

Priscila said...

In new to your blog and wanted to pop in to say hi!!! LOve this post! It was so fun to read :)

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