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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I know, I haven't posted in umm a year or so now =( I'm a bad blogger!! Honestly life took the front burner to anything I was doing online. As previously posted I was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy, happy baby boy we will call him Lil A! He's a dream such a good baby. So now The ADD Housewife is the Mama of 4 =) Life is busy, crazy and utterly amazing!
School has started once again and this year L- is in 7th grade, C- is in 3rd grade and A is in 1st. Seems like just yesterday they were born. Time does fly! Everyone is starting to settle in for another fun packed year of learning or as they refer to it 'School again!?!' LOL Silly kiddos if they only knew how good they have it.
I will be having alot more time for my blogging and crafts now that the 3 older kids are in school full day. My hope it to build my blog up and give my readers something intresting to read =) I really hope I can accomplish this task. I'd love for my blog to be sucessful.
Latley I've been thinking about what winter crafts I'd like to do this year. My thoughts keep wondering to felt play food. I made the kids a bunch of it a couple years ago and it was really fun! I liked how everything came out. To this day it's one of the kids favorite things to play with. I'd like to read a book or 2 over the cold months as well. I have a good freind who keeps talking to me about 'me time'. Honestly as long as I've had children I haven't had much of that especially as of late. I do admit it would be nice to have nothing to do but relax, sit back with a book and a hot cup of tea. Sounds good doesn't it... then my bubble is popped by the unmistakable sound of screaming, fighting children or a crying baby. I wouldn't change it for the world =)
I have some really neat ideas to put into my blog. I have been reading other blogs while I've been away. Taking in ideas then peicing them together in a way that apeals to me and hopfully my readers! I've been almost daily checking in over at Sandra is an amazing blogger and a darn good cook too. Her recipies are amazing and the ones I haven't tried oh yes I will be trying! Made some good use of some veggies I planted this year. Next year I'm hoping to have alot more though. =) I can't wait!!
I think I'll end here. I don't want to tell you everything that's going to be happening over here on The ADD Housewife. Don't you just love the suspence ;) I will say it might not be dialy that a new post will be available but my goal is to have something new to read at least 3-4 times a week!
Untill next time =)
~The AD Housewife~

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