The smell of Fall is in the air! & The ADD Housewife is on the lookout for crockpot recipies =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I can't tell you how much I love fall! The cooler weather, the pumpkins the apple pie! Oooooo it's wonderful!! I love baking so this time of year inspires me to make lots of goodies. Especially the ones that warm the house and make it smell amazing. Who can say they don't like the smell of homemake pie perminating from the kitchen. Just makes everything seem more homey. When Hunnie and I were grocery shopping Friday morning I saw all the sugar pumpkins waitting on the shelves for someone to make them into something special. I can not wait!! I need to stock up my baking cupboard though so I can make all those yummies! Unfortunatly it wasn't in the budget this week =( But next week. Ohhhh yeah baby! there will be a pie baking in my oven!
I also want to pick up a couple baskets of mums for the front garden! That should make it look quite nice I think. Maybe a small bail of hay too =)
I'm also wanting to so some more crockpot cookin! We're getting sick of the same old thing. I'm always cooking stews. Hunnie isn't too thrilled about stew but he eats it and say's they're always good. So if anyone out there has an amazing crockpot cookin recipe please let me know. I'd love to try them out! Hunnie and the kids are more than willing to try diffrent things =)
This weekend I went threw all of our linens. Does one really need 5 or 6 sets of sheets for each bed, no I don't think so! So they are bagged up and will be off to the donation bin =) I know someone out there can use them better than I was. Slow but steady I will be getting rid of all the unnessasary 'stuff' in this house!
The ADD Housewife is off to make pancakes for school morning breakfast and cookie for tonight. I hope your weekend was lovley =)
~The ADD Housewife~

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