Friday is movie & a pizza night =) With a side of a special surprise!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What could make our Friday night movie & a pizza better... I'm glad you asked!
Barbie and MomsSelect asked me to preview *Barbie A Fashion Fairytale* and let everyone know what I thought about the movie.

Well I told *A. I had a surprise for the movie. She was very excited so I pulled the movie out of the package to show her. The excitement in her eyes was unreal! She jumped up and down she just couldn't wait to put it in the DVD player. I really like how they have the play Barbies and reading books ect. that go along with them movie! I'm thinking Christmas presents =) Check out all they have to offer at !!!

In this movie Barbie has another special job to do. She and her adorable dog Sequin are off to Paris! Her job help save her Aunt's fashion house. With the help of a few little freinds they set off in another adventure! ...

What did my girls have to say.. Well *A. just loved the movie she actually sat threw the whole thing without getting up once! *L. even though a bit old for Barbie said she enjoyed the movie as well. So far they have watched the movie 4 times =) Definatly a hit in our house!

Well what do I have to say about it you ask... I have to say this is one of the best Barbie movies we've watched! Honestly the story line it's great! I highly reccomend everyone with a little girl run out and grab your copy of this movie! In stores September 14th 2010!!! I can't wait to see what Barbie comes out with next =)

Do Ken and Barbie break up?? I guess your gonna have to get the movie to find out...