Uggg even my toes hurt :(

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well I spent my whole weekend cleaning the house. I mean fromt he time I got up till I passed out! On Saturday I washed 4 loads of laundry first thing and they were all actually dry this afternoon so I washed up 5 more loads and hung them up. It would be nice if they were dry tomorrow afternoon so I can wash up 5 more loads. If it keeps up I'll have everything washed by the end of the week. I know seriously how bad does that sound LOL We we only have a portable washing machine -ya knwo the ones that hook up to the sink. So I'm only able to wash up to 5 small loads at a time and hang them up around the house LOL It take a long time for me to do laundry! It doesn't help matters that not only is there 5 of us int he house but my kids have ALOT of clothes. My plan this week is to not only get more laundry washed and put away but to go threw the girls clothes and take out the newer, nicer stuff. That way they don't have so many clothes and if they don't outgrow them before school starts LOL Hunnie helped C clean his room and they found the floor AND under the bed! It's nice to walk in there without dodging toys. Today I helped A clean the girls room since she's the one who messed it all up. Got all her toys cleaned up and put away and vaccumed the whole upstairs. All the dirty laundry is is the hamper and a basket. It looks SO much better up there. I'm glad the house is starting to come together now. I'm going to start my Spring Cleaning towards the end of the week. Going to star in the kitchen and work my way around the downstair then starting the truck upstairs. That shouldn't take too long the hardest part is taking all the stuff off my walls -I have a slight obsession with having alot of stuff on my walls Hee Hee-. Over all everything I want to get done should be done by the begining of next week. As long as I don't come down sicks again (knock on wood).
The kids got to spend alot of time outside this weekend. It's was pretty nice out. I'm loving the warm comming back! I can't wait to be able to have all my windows open and have all the fresh spring air in the house. I love Spring!
Well that's all for now it's getting late. School day tomorrow!

~ The Add Housewife ~