Why do my children not go to bed??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good lord it is so hard to get my kids to bed. They are such night owls! I know I'm good to stay up late but I want my 10, 6 and 5 year olds sleeping by 9:00 the latest. These children will NOT go to sleep before midnight. They will go up to their rooms but end up fighting, playing and just plain aggravating eachother till they littlery pass out. Hunnie and I ended up going up there a total of 7 times just last ngiht trying to get them to go to sleep. C was in his room banging on the girls wall. So the girls got mad and went in his room and started fighting with him. Up Hunnie goes. Gets them all back into bed. Comes down get into bed himself ( was online blog lookin hee hee). Then 'big bang' kids fighting again. I go up there yell, get them back into bed. 7 times we went up there. FINALLY about 11:30 we heard no noise and were able to get to bed outselves. No wonder Hunnie is so tired at work all the time. He was trying tot go to bed early last night! It's crazyness! L & C have to be up by 7:15 for school. By the time they get home they're exhosted but still... they stay up.... I don't get it!!! I know I'm tired I get the same amount of sleep they do and I'm 30 years old. Ugggg

~The ADD Housewife~

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Mom with a Scattered Mind said...

OMG you admitted your not 29 WOW lol

The kids I have no idea woman sigh, clonk their heads together maybe LOL J/K