She did NOT just pee on my bed... YES she did!!...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One of our kittens just peed on my bed!! I am so mad!! OK first off my mattress is on the floor.. I saw her ealyer kind of clawing at it a bit and shooed her away and told her potty. She went to one of the litter boxes. I thought 'good she's going'. Well I just went to get up and get more coffee and stepped on my mattress... in a WET SPOT!! I didn't realize when she was clawing she had already peed!! On my bed! Where Hunnie and I sleep!! I'm washing one of our blankets now and our sheet. I hope the smell comes out. I'll have to carefully wash our quilt after they're done. Now guess what... Hunnie is going to have to go to the laundry mat after working all day to dry our blankets so we can sleep tonight! Boy is he gonna be ugly! ... Not only did she pee on our blankets but it soaked threw into our memory foam pad. I was sitting here thinking how in the world am I gonna get it off there. Anyone who has one knows it a big SPONGE!! My good freind Carol ( shameless plug here.. ) said to try the pet oder stuff so I just soaked the spot ont he pad with that and rubbed it in good (GAG). Now it's sitting by my front door drying... I hope it works!! I picked our mattress up off the floor thankfully it didn't get wet and put it and our pillows away in the closet. Uggg why does this stuff always happen to me?!? What a mess...
Well off to switch the blankets!

~The ADD Housewife

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