So what's for Dinner?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So after checking out a bunch of super blogs I've decided to make a little diary of things I feed my family. Honestly my kids are horably picky eaters (especially C) I really want to come up with some really good things to make them that they'd actually eat! I know I am sick of eatting the same thing all the time and I know Hunnie is also. So other than blogging my new hobby is going to be looking for new things to feed my family!
On to out dinner! YIPPY! hee hee
I made broiled steak marinated in a little worcestershire sauce. Cooked perfectly too =)
Seasoned potato bites, I season them with garlic powder, tyme, parcley, salt & white pepper. cooked at 350F untill tender then turn the broiler on for 5-10 minutes to get bits of toasted parts. They are soo good.
To top off the dinner fresh tossed salad.
Hunnie said dinner was "Mmmmmmmm GOOD Hunnie" hee hee I love it when he gets a good meal into him. C- wouldn't touch anything but the potatoes, A- picked a lil at everything, L- didn't eat much of anything and now wants a buretto and salad. I ate my dinner though and it was really good.
So here's a picture of Hunnie's plate! Please keep in mind I have never taken a picture of food before and I'm a little out of practice with my photography as it's winter here and I don't go outside LOL Also I did not clean the edges of the plate like they do on Food Network! LOL
Here ya go!

~The ADD Housewife~

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