What's for Dinner tonight.. Crock pot Thursday! =)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well tonight I am actually cooking LOL Unlike last night!
Today I'm using my crock pot YIPPY! I LOVE my crockpot! How easy is it to throw some good stuff in there and let it simmer all dont into tasty goodness. You really can't go wrong you can just throw just about anything in a crockpot and it'll trun out delish.
Today I started mine after L & C left for school. I'm making chicken & Pasta soup. I say pasta because I'm going to use whatever leftover pasta I have in the kitchen LOL
The starters:
7- boneless skinless chicken ternders (Or use whatever you like)
1- tub -about 2 cups- of home made chicken stock (or you can obviously use store bought that's good too)
1 can cream of celery soup
1 1/2 teasoppons of the following; garlic powder, oregano, parsley, tyme
1/2 teaspoon sage & white pepper
1 teaspoon; celery salt
1 bay leaf
3 cups of water
1/2 cup each; frozen corn, frozen peas, frozen green beans
1/4 cup frozen onions and green peppers
1 1/2 cups dry pasta of your choice.

In the morning put all seasoning, chicken stock, cream O' soup and the chicken in the crock pot stir in 3 cups of water cook on low about 4 hours.
Remove chicken peices and cup into bite sized peices. Return chicken to pot (or you can use already cut up chicken). Add in frozen veggies put heat to high for 20 minutes to get the heat back up return to low.
Cook for about an hour then add in your pasta choice. Let it cook till pasta is tender and your DONE!

My family just loves this soup. The great thing about it is you can add whatever you want. Family doens't like peppers & onions... don't add them. They like potatoes.. cut some up and throw them in. They don't like pasta.. you can use rice.. or even nothign at all add a lil instant potatoes to it and you have a nice thick stew to serve your family!
There's nothing like a nice hearty, healthy soup and a crusty peice of bread on the side. I can not wait to serve this to my family tonight. I just hoep there's some leftovers this time hee hee
I have to say this soup came out SOoooooo good! It had a rich herb flavor. The family loved it. I'm so surprised I've made this soup more times than I can count but everytime it's a lil diffrent! It's amazing what can be done in a kitchen =)
~ The ADD Housewife ~

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Anonymous said...

Love making soup in my crockpot. Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

I love making soup this way. My grandmother use to call it a pantry catchall soup. They are always my favorite. I'm going to save this one for future use. Thank you for sharing.

Renee said...

This sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


~Sara said...

OK, I just saw you as a follower for Thrifty Mom and had to come over and say hi. I am posting the deals for Hy-Vee on her site. I saw your blog name and had to come over and say "I love it!" My husband sometimes calls me this because I am forever running around doing something!

Have a great week!

paulloukas said...

Hunny? Instant potatoes? You didnt, did you? You know I hate instant potatoes! :)

Sandra said...

Sounds really good. :)

Welcome to Slow Cooking Thursday, I'm glad you're joining us.