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Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh my gosh what a busy day I've had this is the first time I've gotten a chance to sit down and relax all day! Lets see what have I done...
Didn't get a good night sleep last night (again) was up early to get L & C off to school. Hunnie drove them in. Hunnie had gone out and gotten me a coffee before I got out of bed! How sweet. So I dind't have to brew a pot. My mom came over before the kids left. Hunnie's mama called soon after he got back from bring the kids to school and wanted us to come get a recliner she wanted to give us. So my mama stayed here with A while Hunnie and I went to pick it up. As we got closer to MILs we noticed police cars everywhere! We didn't know what was going on. We went about our business anyway got the chair visited with MIL for a few minutes then left. As we were diving down MIL's street more police cars! What was going on here something was up and whatever it was it wasn't good! Hunnie called his mama and told her to lock all the doors and keep the shades pulled and not to answer the door for anyone. We went home still wondering what was going on. We thought about going and getting her but FIL would be there soon. Once we were home A and I went up to start cleaning her bedroom what a MESS it was! I was so angry. We got it done though just needs to be gone over with a vaccume. Hunnie called the garage to see if my van was ready so off we went on a 40 minute drive to pick it up. Just before we pulled intot he parkinglot of the garage my Brother called me and asked if I had gotten an instant alert message fromt he schools. I say "nope why" he informs us that L's school was put under lockdown!! We didn't get a phone message saying anything was going on around the L's school! My brother said it had something to do with what was going on around my in-laws house. Hunnie and I are instantly enraged because no one notified the parents that their children were in a potentually dangerous situation. We still didn't know what was going on! I called my mama to see if our phone rang while we were gone to MIL's house and nope no call at home, no calls on our cells and no message in my inbox... what in the world was going on. So we picked up my van and raced home still wondering what was going on, were they releasing the kids, was there still danger. I hate the feeling that something is wrong and I'm not there. So we get home right before my brother pulled up int he bus with my children... what a relief it was to see them. After that we took my van for a drive. I can not tell you how nice it is to have MY van back! I've missed it. I like driving my van. We went to try and find a new fishing hole Hunnies freind told him about. Nice area we're going to try it out later this spring. Then we swang into the grocery store picked up a few things and came home. My mama was here and we visited for a few and she left. She called here she found out what was going on ealyer today.. aparently there was a armed break in just down the street from my in-laws house!!! 2 men broke in with guns! I feel horrable that we left her there, we should of just taken her with us! They locked down L's school because 2 armed men were running around close to L's school!!! Hunnie and I are so upset about this. It's not like we live in a bad neighborhood we actually live ont he 'good' side of town. Makes me sick how some people can be. Luckly no one was hurt! The men escaped over the boarder into Maine. Now the state of Maine along with New Hampshire are looking for these men. Awful just awful. We picked up frozen pizza for dinner tonight so I'm not takeing a pic today. I mean we all know what frozen pizza looks like ... right LOL
Well I think that's pretty much it. All that took all this time to accomplish. Need to runa nd grab a shower!

~ The ADD Housewife~

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