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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well today was my sleep in day. The wonderful day Hunnie is home and the kids don't have school and he lets me sleep in as late as I want. Hee Hee I got up at 1:00pm! Boy was I sore when I got up though. Felt good to get some sleep though. This afternoon Hunnie and I moved furniture around in the livingroom to fit in our new recliner. We were able to get the under of the furniture vaccumed. It's pretty cramped in here now though. I think I will eventually get rid of my backers rack. Just need to find a new spot for my birds. It was nice outside today and the kids spent alot of the day outside playing. They needed it! After a long winter stuck in the house. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to open the windows all up and get some nice clean air in here. I want to start Spring Cleaning this week. Some nice clean walls do my body good hee hee. A is already sleeping and L & C are watching an epasode of Knight Rider with Hunnie. I'm sitting here in my new recliner blogging away!
Tomorrow Hunnie is going to visit one of his uncles who is not doing well health wise. I am unable to go with him because we have no one to watch the kids. So he is going to go down by himself to see him. I hope their visit goes well. He is going to take my van which is better one gas and also it needs some miles put on it.
Well that's all for now need to throw some laundry in the washer so the kids and Hunnie will have clean clothes for Monday.

~ The ADD Housewife ~

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