Ooy what a night...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I did not get enough sleep last night. it's 8:30am and I can harley keep my eyes open. Hunnie and I stayed up talking about silly things, back when the kids were small when we first got together. Before we knew it it was about 2:00am!! Finally we stopped talking LOL and fell asleep. I had just fallen asleep apparently and I started having this horrable dream! I was picking L- up at her after school club and decided to take the long way home. I was drive down a road close to my house and all of the sudden there was a little baby boy in the road running around. No parents in sight. All by himself in just a T-shirt and a diaper. No shose no clothes nothing. So I pulled over and picked the baby up. Other cars were slowing down but no one else stopped. I called 911 and told them that I had found him wandering about by himself and that I was parked on the side of the road with him in my car. The poor little baby I imagined was only about 18 months old maybe a lil more. The police and ambelance arrived and swarmed my car then the frantic 'mom' came running aorund the corner from down the street saying it was her kid and to get away from him. The police put her in a police car she was obviously on drug/drunk/ or mental possably all of the above. It was just awful that this poor little baby was out wandering by himself. Hunnie rolled over and made some noise and woke me up and it was about 3:00am. I was thankful he did I didn't want to be in that dream anymore... I don't know what caused me to have this dream but I don't wanna have it again. The really sickening thing about it all is I'm sure it's happened before someplace before.
Maybe I watch the news too much!

~ The ADD Housewife ~

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