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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yeah I know long time no post you say.... I admit it I'm horrible at following threw with things. After some talking with a good friend I've realized I DO like blogging hee hee. So yeah I'm back AGAIN and with the help of my friend (she'll be on my butt LOL) I will continue and make this blog something. Here I am jumping 2 feet in to the blogging world.

Alot has been going on since I last posted. Hmmm lets see... I turned 30 on December 24th (YIKES!). It really doesn't seem passable that I am 30 years old now. What does 30 feel like... well it's pretty much the same as 29.
Hunnie is still hard at work. Hunnie's work had 2 big layoffs but luckily he was spared. Still no overtime but we're muddling threw. Hunnie had some fun recently looking for computer parts. He upgraded the big computer and since the laptop died a little while ago he got me (I say me because I'm the one who uses it most LOL) a new laptop. It's really nice... I love it. Did have some minor issues with it and ended up having to send it to HP for get fixed but we had it back in less that a week. GO HP!! I was super excited.

This past winter had been pretty stressful for us. It seemed like every other week the kids were getting sick with some sort of bug. L & C missed alot of days this quarter (ugg) but sorry not sending them to school sick. Especially since I have no car right now if they get sick there I can't pick them up. Just this past week C missed the whole week and L missed 3 days. Hunnie and I had A at the doctors 2 Friday's ago with a bad cold. Saturday C came down with a fever muddled threw the weekend Monday- no school Tuesday I brought him tot he doctor... bronchitis and STREP THROAT!! UGGGG So 3 prescriptions I left the doctors office with and a note no school.

A- turned 5 years old last Friday. I can not believe my baby is 5! It honestly does not seem possible. Unfortunately everyone was horribly sick so we had to cancel her party =( She was so disappointed but we are going to have something small within the next couple weekends just so she can have a couple friends over for cake and ice cream. She's happy about that and her best friend is going to be coming down!

~ The ADD Housewife~

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