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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well you can see how ADD I am. I start a blog thinking I WILL actually blog and what happens... you guessed it I haven't done a damn thing with it since.
Summer here is going well. L & C both passed into the next grade so they will both be gone all day in school leaving A & I home all by ourselves. On a good note my brother (a bus driver) got their stop on his run this year so they both can take the bus to school (I wasn't going to have C take the bus being only 6 years old) now that Uncle is driving I feel comfortable with letting him ride the bus. Another good thing is there won't be anymore missing the bus because Uncle will know ahead of time if they'll be there or not! Wooo Hooo for me not having to go out durring the day and I get to spend some much needed 1 on 1 time with A! She's the only one who hasn't had any 1 on 1 with me. C got it for a little while with L was in kindergarden but along came A. I hope to use this time with her wisley. She's a bright little girl and I'm hoping to have her reading before next school year when she'll be in kindergarden. Maybe just maybe I can get my house in order too. It's such a dream LOL A will help clean up too as long as she has help so we'll see. I also want to get a bunch of sewing done!! I have oodles of nice fabric and haven't done a think with it. All I have done is some peices cut out for a quilt for A's twin bed. I want to get that cut and sewn up. I have a bunch of clothes I want to make all the kids and maybe some things for myself. One of my aunts gave me some CUTE vintage fabric remnants that came out of a sample book I'd like to use. It would be wonderful to make it into something special.
Things on the family side are doing really well. My grandmother came threw her heart surgery with flying colors. She's doing really well and home now. We gave her a dishwasher that will hook up to her sink 2 weeks ago so she won't have to stand and do dishes anymore. That makes me feel good that we could do that for her! My brother has started seeing a nice fella. He's actually got a good job his own apartment and a car. It's nice to see him doing well for a change. On a sad note we lost my grandfathers brother a few weeks ago. He wasn't doing well at all. His funeral was so sad and I feel just awful for his lovley wife. We all just take peace in knowing he's out of pain and up there in heaven with my Peppre` watching over us all and keeping us safe. He missed my Peppre` awfully bad and I just know they're up there "discussing" the political campains.
Well I guess I should get to bed. It's getting awfully late. I'm glad I thought to post on here. It's just been sitting here all along LOL

~ The ADD Housewife~

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