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Monday, April 7, 2008

(insert agravated face here!)
I swear everytime we try to do something good something happens and we can't do anything. It mosly happens money wise. Here we go again.
All weekend Hunny and I were talking and figuering out how to swing a week long trip to Florida to visit my best freind and see the state. We checked on renting a car, plane tickets, tickets to Unversal. Checked the cheapest way and everything. We'd stay with my freind to save on hotel costs and do things local to her house. See Hunny's aunt and uncle.
Then today Hunny comes home from work upset. He said they had a meeting at work. The whole company was notified that they're shutting down the plant for 2 weeks. Hunny won't be working after the 17th of the month!!! I'm so upset I could cry. The kids are all excited about going on vacation and now it probably won't happen. I haven't seen my best freind in a year and a half now (since she moved to FL). We had planned on getting my van checked out and just driving down to save money and then we'd be able to see the sights too. Now it's probably right out the window like everything else we try.
So yeah now I'm stressing about money and how we're gonna pay the bills and reg & inspect Hunny's truck next month. Ugggggg this SUCKS!!!!

~The ADD Housewife~

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