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Monday, March 31, 2008

Well since I have never blogged before I'll start out with telling everyone who I am. I'm a 29 year old stay at home mom of 3. I will refer to my 3 children by the letter of their first names for child safty reasons. I'm kind of obsessed with protecting my children LOL So I will introduce them. -L, my 9 year old (going on 20) daughter. - C, my 5 year old son. -A, my newly 4 year old daughter. & last but not least Hunny my husband of 6 years! I've been a SAHM since 2001. I really do love being the main caregiver of my children but of course it gets stressful at times. L, has behavior issues that make daily life streeful. The daily conflict and fit throwing is getting really old so Hunny and I are looking into some help for her. It's not good for L and of course it's not good for C & A to see either. So there will be more updates about that soon.
My daily life consists of cleaning, driving children to and from school, more cleaning, breaks durring the day to have a cup of coffee and go online, more cleaning, cooking and more cleaning. That's how I live my life. L,C, & A only make messes and refuse to pick up anything. I can litterly clean a room and 5 minutes later it's trashed again. to be inviting to people. A major problem with that is our place is SO small. It's only 2 bedrooms Hunny and I sleep on a fold out couch (yeah no that's not fun). I have no where to put anything. I LOVE sewing and doing crafts but all my fabric and anything related is stuffed on a tote in the closet so everytime I want to do any sewing I have to lug out a huge heavey tote. My machines are stuffed in the corner by the dining table. I just have no room. When I do take stuff out it's in everyones way and everybody gets aggravated especially Hunny. Argggg. I so can not wait till we're able to move and have room for everything.
My mom is convinced I have ADD and that is why I can't ever complete anything. Well, maybe I do. Who knows. It would explain alot of things. You'll be able to tell some on my tendancies because I jump from 1 subject to another LOL
On to my next subject. My grandmother. I can not even stress how worried I am about her! :( Since my grandfather passed away (Dec. 11, 2007) she had had 3 congestive heart failulars! 2 surgeries! & was due to have a MAJOR open heart surgery on 3/27 but it was canceled because her sergon needed emergency gall bladder removal. So now she's schedualed to have the open heart on April 16th. The surgery is going to take 8 hours or so. They need to replace a valve that isn't working and do a bi-pass on her aroter. The sergon said that this is a very serious surgery. I'm just worried that she will not make it threw. I know I should think positivly but it's hard. Last year we not only lost my grandfather but also an Uncle. It's been a really trying time for the family. My mom has taken the day off of work on the 16th so I'm able to be at the hospital with my grandmother. She'll take the kids to school and such. I know she'll be stressed the whole day also but I need to be there (by the way I'm talking about my fathers mother not my moms mother).
Well I guess I should close this for now and actually get something done. I think my washer just stopped!
By 4 now!

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