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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We were going threw alot of things here at home the past couple weeks. I had so many posting plans but unfortunatly on Monday April 13th 2009 our close family freind passed away. Although we are glad she is at rest and finally out of pain we are missing her an awful lot. I just hope she enjoying being free. On Monday the 20th we had her services and they were just as she planned. I'm glad everything went just the way she wanted. I'm very greatful to have known such a wonderful person. She was one of a kind. I will never forget her.
So needless to say my time away has been stressful and full of emotion. The kids are on vacation from school this week and of course they're driving me crazy. We got a new bird from my brother her name is Pretty Bird and she's a cockatiel. I've always wanted one so I'm pretty excited about having her. On Sunday my mother in law came over and we went for a little drive anc peeked at a couple houses. Saw some nice ones too. Hunnie's tooth has been driving him crazy latley and he's going to have to get to a dentist and have it taken care of. L lost another tooth this past weekend. The weather has been pretty enjoyable. The kids have been playing alot outside with their freinds.
My goal is to get back into my blog and start networking more. So hopefully they're will be much more to come!
Thanks for understanding about my absance. I am back now :)

~ The ADD Housewife ~

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