Sunday To-Do's.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well it's Sunday... Hunnie is gone to see his uncle. He left about an hour ago. I've gotten the dishes done. Started a load of lanudry needed for tomorrow. Hunnie said he'll dry 1 load when he gets home so I'll hang the rest. Gonna see how much I can get done today, we have tons to get done. Oh to have a washer & a dryer LOL This portable one is great but it takes 2 days for the clothes to dry. It's raining like crazy outside so the kids are stuck in the house. I'm planning on doing baked chicken mashed potatoes and a veggie for dinner tonight. I'm gonna try and squeeze in enough time to make some brownies for dessert. C's bedroom still needs to be cleaned! What a mess he's made in there but of course doesn't want to clean it up. Uggg
Need to sweep and wash the bathroom and kitchen floors today. I'm sure I'll find all kinds of other little things that need to be done. I wish I had a lil help LOL
Well washer just stopped gotta scoot.
UPDATE: Dinner plans have changed my aunt just called and invited us over for chicken n biscuts! Mmmmmmm Now I don't have to cook hee hee. She makes GOOD chicken n biscuts too! =) Tried calling Hunnie on his cell phone but he forgot it at home I hope he gets home soon! I don't wanna be late!


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