It's Monday! & a side of weightloss...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Gee what to say about today...
Got L & C off to school on time they both got up good for me despite going to bed late. Or rather wshould I say going to be at an ok time not fighting till who knows when. I was pretty surpirsed that they got up and dressed so well.
Then I made my cup of coffee. Gosh how I love coffee hee hee. Cam into the livingroom put our bed away and sat down in my chair. Got online checked email till Carol came on. Talked with her for a few then I fell back to sleep LOL Must of not gotten enough sleep last night lol.
Woke up when A came down for breatfast. She got herself all dressed and everything before she came down... what an easy morning!
Got back on IM with Carol lol then we started talking about a site she's used to track her eatting and weightloss. Hmmmm VERY intresting! I checked it out and signed up because of course anything to do with loosing weight I'm intrested in hee hee. Of course when you sign up they ask you for a weight so I had to find my scale. Ohh how I hate that thing it never tells me good news LOL Filled in the information... it wasn't as painful as it usually is though which is good. So we'll see how this goes. By this time next year it would be nice to be at a healthy weight. So far my weight is my only problem I have been checked for high coloesterol, high sugar, my thyroid and everything always comes back normal. I'm if my weight stays up those normal readings won't be normal for long. So here I go not only am I back on the blogging bandwagon but here I go on another (& hopfully my last) weighloss adventure. This time might be fun though Carol wants to do it with me! Hee Hee So I'll have someone to answer too when I screw up LOL
As for the rest of my day I need to wash a couple loads of laundry and get them hung up finish up a couple dishes and pick up and vaccum downstairs. Also need tog et the piles of things on the side of the stairs brought up stairs. Gosh it's the same thing every day...
Well I better runa nd get these things going or they won't get done LOL


~ The ADD Housewife ~


paulloukas said...

What no more McDonalds??? lol