Happy Thursday & a side of Happy Birthday Hunnie!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well it's been rainy here in New Hampshire the past few days. I thought the saying was "April showers bring May flowers" LOL I guess Mother Naturs is a bit behind this year. I have been trying to get this house in order but it's so hard when we don't have the room for everything we have LOL Oh how we wish to move into a bigger place. Once I get the house cleaned (washing walls woodwork and heaters) I want to start going threw the closets and getting rid of everything unnessesary. Also I want to go threw the kids clothes and everything too small for A will get handed down to my best freinds daughter. I also want to talk to Hunnie baout getting rid of our couch. No one ever uses it anyway and it basically becomes a catch-all and take up a whole bunch of room LOL We always sit in our recliners. We'll see though.
Well today is Hunnies 41st Birthday! I do hope he's having an ok day at work today and is excited about having tomorrow off from work. I'm making him a big chicken dinner tonight. Chicken breasts with herbs, mashed potatoes and peas. I hope he enjoys it!
Well I am off to get cleaning. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!


~ The ADD Housewife ~